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Hi There!
I'm Manale

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I started yoga in December 2015, when I was living in Singapore. I had started my own company as a cross boarding legal consultant and I was a new mum. I was stressed and overwhelmed. Yoga and its community became my anchor for stability. The more I practiced, the more I became aware of my self, my body and my life. This is when, the Universe sent me a stronger message.

I became a Full Time Yoga Teacher in October 2017. 

That was it. I had found my Purpose and I was in Love with myself, my body and my life for the first time ever!

I have never looked back and have been growing ever since. I LOVE what I do, and teaching has been a humbling experience and the deepest transformative one.

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When I step on my mat nothing else matters. I am here, I am now, I am fully me. This is where the magic happens. This is where everything becomes possible. This is where I see, I feel, I fail, I succeed, I move, I live and I heal. This is what I want to share with everyone who wants to receive. This is where I want to guide my students, what I want to inspire my students with and most importantly where I want my students to be empowered and fall back in love with themselves and their life!

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My Yoga Education

A Never Ending Love Story

2015 I discovered Yoga / Singapore

2017became a certified Yoga Teacher (200Hrs YTT, Baron Baptist Power Vinyasa Inspired with New Angle Yoga / Singapore

2018 I trained 100Hrs with Baron Baptist for his Level 1 Journey into Power / Thailand

2018became a Gong Player and trained with Red Doors Studio, Martha Collard in Sound Healing Therapy/ Hong Kong and Thailand

2019 I became a Sky Yoga Teacher with Radiantly Alive / Indonesia, Bali

2020: I became a Mandala Yoga Teacher with Julie Montagu Whole Self Yoga / London

2021 I studied Creative Sequencing with Adell Bridges / Online London-Warsaw

2022 I became a Yoga Nidra Teacher with Sanapurna School of Yoga / Zurich Switzerland

2022 I studied Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals / Online USA-Zurich

2022 I certified as a Touch For Health Practitioner (Module 1/5)

My Yoga Journey

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