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Your Body Knows Best, start Listening

When I start a flow, I usually don't know how I will move and what is the sequence that I am creating. This is my favourite way of movement. To tune in with my body, and start moving in the moment. Usually, my body knows what I need. I've been practicing for long enough now to know what I need, what I want and how I want it.

Lately, moving slowly in my self-practice has been a bliss. I add in my flow all poses, sequences and transitions that I am learning, that scares me or that challenges me.

Slow flow does not mean, no challenge and easy movement. It means, stay with what is, observe and if it feels that you want to run away, that means; STAY WITH IT AND EXPLORE. Your body, through sensations and emotion is trying to communicate with you. LISTEN.

In this flow, I have done my most opened wheel ever. I stayed with the practice, I moved slow with intention to feel and listen and stay when it becomes hard. I love this flow. I hope you'll love it too.

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