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Welcome to Yoga Movement & Healing Therapy

The Way to Self-Love

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The Healing Power of Yoga from a Space curated just for You

After a decade abroad, I moved back to Switzerland with my family and opening a yoga space was not on my list. I guess, the Universe had other plans for me! And I am so grateful today that it did!

This Space has grown organically since its opening, in October 2021. Little did I know, how meaningful, how transformative and how healing this adventure would be for me and the people who joined in!

It became a Safe Space that welcomes anyone who is curious and/or committed to start, to discover or to deepen their own self-awareness journey with yoga at its core. 


My life journey and experiences have brought me to create 'Yoga Movement & Healing Therapy' which is my own intuitive approach to live a more self-aware and conscious life from the body, the mind and the heart. Self-Awareness is the necessary condition of consciousness, which allows us to connect deeper and build our own roadmap to our Soul Voice. We have all been through a lot these past 3 years: stress, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, change, loss. We can't control what happens in the world, but we can decide how we perceive what happens to us and take actions accordingly. The ultimate goal is to reclaim our birthright to Worthiness and Self-Love

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Curious about Yoga? New to it? Or you simply want try something different? Don't be shy, come and try it out.

The first Group Class is FREE!

See you on the mat!



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