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EMPOWER YOUR TIME: From Sacrifices to Abundance – A Journey of Prioritizing Self-Worth

🌟 Time to Shine: Embrace Your Worthiness and Prioritize YOURSELF 🌟

Let's unravel the secrets to unapologetic take and make time for yourself. Picture this as your moment to step into your spotlight, leaving doubt in the shadows.

The idea that we aren't worthy of taking and making time for ourselves is a belief I encounter daily in my work and personal life, resonating with both women and men who find themselves caught in the endless cycle of doing, giving, achieving, and making but neglecting their own needs and true desires.

Life is a whirlwind of responsibilities, especially for those balancing career, family, and personal pursuits. Even stay-at-home moms, with their tireless devotion to their loved ones, often struggle to carve out time for themselves. The culprit? The pervasive belief that time spent on ourselves is somehow less valuable or important than time spent on anything else.

I've worn many hats – from a dedicated lawyer working day and night to a hands-on mom with a full-time nanny, and now, as a mumpreneur. Throughout these phases, I failed to prioritize my well-being, or when I did, shame and guilt were my best friends. The root cause? A deep-seated belief that I wasn't worthy of that time, convincing myself there was always something more important to do. Taking time for myself was not of any measurable, justifiable, or provable value.

What changed for me? The pivotal moment when I challenged and overcame the limiting belief that putting myself first was a selfish act, that I had to sacrifice myself to succeed. I realized that my most precious asset was not my title, achievements, or possessions, but my TIME. It was about valuing and protecting this asset, setting boundaries, and getting clear on how to use it in my best interest.

Living in a society that glorifies achievement and possessions, we often fear missing out and strive for immediate success. However, my journey taught me that true success lies in recognizing that YOU MATTER. Your well-being is paramount, and by embracing this, you empower yourself to show up for others more powerfully and meaningfully.

The moment I realized I deserved to spend my time and effort on making the life I dreamed of a reality, things started to change. I began to see the value in my time and used it wisely.

  • I stopped scrolling endlessly on Instagram (unfortunately for my sister who received much much less memes 😆).

  • We terminated our Netflix subscription.

  • I started to get into a very enjoyable, healthy evening routine with no screens (and much more self-care and readings).

  • I started daily cold bathing as a very refreshing reminder of my commitment 😄.

  • I stopped delaying tasks and started doing what was needed to bring my vision to life.

It's still a work in progress, but I can already feel the shift – in my confidence, health, energy, and relationships. I come from a place of space and creation, instead of sacrifices and compromises.

This transformation also extended to my daughter. I impart the importance of prioritizing herself, setting boundaries, and communicating them openly and clearly. We now regularly initiate open conversations within the family, organizing our time with respect to each other's wants and needs. This intentional approach altered the family dynamic. By elevating time as our most valuable asset, we carved out space to concentrate on what truly matters to each of us individually and, consequently, as a family. The ripple effect was evident – I noticed a heightened focus and presence in my interactions with my daughter, with my friends, and with my clients and students. Understanding their needs became more intuitive and crystal clear.

This journey isn't always easy, but I'm committed to it because I know I deserve it, and that I am not sacrificing anything to get more, but on the contrary, I set healthy boundaries to embrace what I have and create more from that place of abundance.

What about you? Are you ready to take this journey too? Are you ready to prioritize yourself and see your time as something precious?

So, where do you begin? How do you value your time? How do you spend it? Identify what's draining your energy. What can you let go of to create more space for yourself? What's your first step towards reclaiming your time and energy?

Remember, this isn't selfish; it's a powerful declaration that you are the most important person in your life. By honoring this, you enhance your ability to contribute to others in a vital and meaningful way.

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