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The Way to Self-Love

I offer group, private and tailor made classes that are open to all levels. What I love the most is to teach classes that are creative and that match the mood and the needs of my students. They can vary from classes to classes. There is no pre-requisite. Come with a curious mind and a willingness to bring awareness into your Body, your Mind and your Heart.

(Please note that the Private Offerings are also available in French)

Manale _Titibasana_Design 11.5.20.png

Yoga Movement To Energise & Empower

Energy, Vitality & Joy

Creative Vinyasa Power Flow. Moving with different pace and intensity to create strength in the body and to empower you to shift your energy higher.

Every Monday


CHF 25


Manale Wheel_ Design_11.5.20.png

Yoga Movement To Open & Feel

Awareness, Serenity & Joy


Creative Sequencing into a slow, mindful pace to feel the body, explore the emotions and heal the mind. This flow will let you feel a deeper connection with yourself. 

Every Thursday


CHF 25

Manale_Split_Design 11.5.20.png

Yoga Movement To Create Space in the Body, Mind and Heart

Fun & Creative

This class is about to tune in with the energy that is present in the moment and build a flow to create space in the body, clear the mind and balance the heart. 

Every Friday

12:45 - 13:45

CHF 25



Yoga Movement &

Healing Therapy 

Online & In person 
Private / Partners 

Do you feel misaligned, stuck, tired, reactive or all of the above? You might need to reconnect with yourself and raise up your vibrations to bring back your energy and empower your mind to shift perspective and change the narrative. I will help you find your own creative way to healing and reprogramming the body, the mind and the heart. This session is designed only for you according to your needs and wishes. There will always be a yoga movement part to move, to release, to energise, to stir up the physical and emotional energy, and in addition I facilitate the session with healing technics such as Reiki, breathing, meditation, coaching, Yoga Nidra, Sound therapy, aromatherapy, Singing and Touch For Health assessment. It depends on what is needed. You will find the energy and the joy of vibrating higher daily and bring awareness in your life, which will allow you to fall in love with yourself, over and over again.

Appointment Only


CHF 188


Gong Meditation & Aromatherapy

In Person Only
Private / Partners / Friends

Gong meditation is a relaxing and blissful experience where you let yourself immerse in the healing sound waves of the gong. The sacred sound of the gong can transport you to a deeply meditative state. You might experience feelings of timelessness, visions or colours and a deep sense of well-being and inner peace. You simply lie down on the mat, wrap yourself with a blanket, place your head on a pillow, close your eyes and relax. Please be aware that gong meditations are not recommended during pregnancy or for individuals diagnosed with epilepsy or, seizures. This session can be booked from 1 to 4 persons. The prices are as follows: 1pax - CHF 133 2pax - CHF 233 3pax - CHF 333 4pax - CHF 433

Appointment Only


From CHF 133


Design Your Own 

Self-Care Formula

In Person Only
Private / Partners / Friends

You totally owned this session. It is yours to design for yourself alone, with a partner or with friends (up to 5 pax). You can also design a session for a friend, a parent or a partner. Anyone, as a gift. Imagine 3 hours of me time and self-care. This is ALL ABOUT YOU! The Menu, 'a la carte' (pick and chose to design your own session) - Yoga (vinyasa, yin, power or creative sequencing) - Yoga Nidra or Guided Meditation - Gong Meditation or Gong with Yoga (yin or vinyasa or both) - Aromatherapy (Young Living Pure Essential Oils) - Coaching (Co-active Coaching, Fundamentals) - Cacao Ceremony, Meditation and Journaling This is the Ultimate Gift for Self-care, Self-Love, Connection and Bonding. Price varies according to the number of people: 1pax - CHF 377 2pax - CHF 577 3pax - CHF 777 4pax - CHF 977 5pax - CHF 1'077

Appointment Only


From CHF 377


Design Your Own Self-Care Formula

“I had a 1:1 yoga and Gong with Manale. It was absolutely adapted to my personal needs. Manale does a great job in understanding the individual situation and adapting her yoga sessions so that it helps you to get fully into your own flow. The Gong sessions that followed after an energising yoga class was out of this world with intense vibrations touching my deepest self. Thanks so much Manale for helping me start off into a more energising way of life again!”

K.R, Horgen


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